This is better than Mega Millions Lottery 2022

In the past two years people have limited their invites on how many people could gather together to celebrate. Many people declining the option all together and celebrated the holidays virtually. The result is e-commerce sites like Wish, Alliexpress, Amazon, etc. saw major increases in their online stores.

This year, holiday shoppers plan to celebrate as much as they can IRL. They’re finally ready to throw those parties they’ve dreamt of for the past couple years. Big Halloween bashes where the parents can finally invite the entire class again. Formal winter festivities to host luxury dinners. Giant Thanksgiving potlucks with everyone they’ve been waiting to see. 

But what about the people who have already decided they prefer how they celebrated these past years over the previous traditions? They traded the big parties for intimate gatherings with immediate family and close friends—things like gift-wrapping parties, or holiday movie nights. And now those smaller mini moments are here to stay, too. 

Pinterest research shows that this is a holiday season unlike any other. One that blends big and small, monumental and mini, tradition and innovation. And for holiday shoppers, it’s all starting right now: July 30, 2022. Which means your holiday campaign season needs to start now, too.

According to a Pinterest survey, 80% of holiday shoppers said they plan to have more mini moments throughout the holiday season, punctuating their bigger festivities with every chance they can get to celebrate, connect and create new traditions.

Having this insight is great news for content creators like you. The more people want to celebrate, the more they’ll shop for all kinds of holiday categories, from decor to gifts to food. You can tap into the emerging behavior by being creative with your content and being mindful of mini moments that could support each major holiday.

Some mini moment ideas for the next upcoming holiday, Labor Day, could be:

  • Round up the best rooftop restaurants in your city for Labor Day
  • Round up the best patios for brunch in your city for Labor Day
  • Share a list of road trip essentials for Labor Day
  • Share how to tips on hosting guest at your home or in your city for Labor Day
  • Outfit Suggestion/Where to shop for rooftop, brunch, park events for Labor Day
  • Share what Labor Day is and why we celebrate it / how you plan to celebrate it

Essentially, you have to make every moment count. Do this by creating content that solves problems, entertains, and/or teaches anything for that specific holiday.

Think about this opportunity spread over so many holiday marketing moments throughout the season—there’s always someone in each phase getting ready to plan, shop or buy.

Pinterest has data that supports these are the peak times to post content for each big holiday.

Halloween July – October
Thanksgiving August – November
Black Friday/Cyber Week October – November
Hanukkah August – December
Christmas July – December
New Year’s Eve November – December

Take advantage of this unique moment in time and influence their big and small holiday experiences while they’re still in planning mode—not while they are documenting them after the fact. 


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